Summer Reading List 2010

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The difficult part for me about putting out a reading list is that these are books I haven’t read before.  So…don’t look at these books necessarily as the best books out there.  They may be way off base with certain things.  But I expect to be stretched.

Have you put your summer reading list together yet?


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  • Aaron Armstrong

    Great reading list. Rework and Doctrine are phenomenal. Forgotten God is very well done as well. I'm going to have to plan out my summer reading now.

    • Benlreed

      I'm really looking forward to these books this summer. What are you reading, Aaron?

      • Aaron Armstrong

        Not sure about my summer reading yet, but right now I'm working on Rechurch (Mansfield), the Holiness of God (Sproul) and Permission Marketing (Godin).

        • Benlreed

          I like it. You read the same kind of stuff I read.

          • Aaron Armstrong

            Looks like. How did you like Linchpin, by the way (I noticed it in the appdown at the bottom of the page)? And have you read Drive by Daniel Pink?

          • Benlreed

            I loved Linchpin. I think it will cause lots of people to quit their jobs. It made me thankful that I'm in an organization that values the linchpin.

            Haven't read Drive. Worth the read?

          • Aaron Armstrong

            Very much so. I'm amazed the great thinking going on in the business world is right now.

            Linchpin, Drive, Rework and a few others all have a lot of crossover and are generally pointing to the same problems and solutions. Very cool stuff.

  • Zach Powell

    The Five Dysfunctions of a Team was a great leadership read. If you're looking for something else along the same line ( It's called the Janitor by Todd Hopkins and Ray Hilbert.

  • Noel_B

    Anyone (aside from Ben) reading Radical by David Platt? I know Ben got an early copy, and I'd like to hear his thoughts on that one. I'm very interested to read it.

    I've been catching up on my "personal" reading, now that school's been out for a few weeks. I'm taking summer classes, so I don't expect to have oodles of time to spend on personal reading. Even so, I just finished Glenn Beck's Arguing With Idiots, which was great. I am also reading A Patriot's History of the United States.

    • Ben Reed

      Yes, I've read it. Incredibly challenging read. Have you read it?

  • Andy

    Great call on Forgotten God and Raising a Modern Day Knight – Knight is the book that convinced me to read a chapter of the Bible every night with my 9 year old son, and one dad in our church has actually done a manhood ceremony for son when he turned 13. Great stuff.