I am the author of a book on small groups that lays out a foundation for healthy, thriving small groups. I’ve been published in Collegiate Magazine, Outreach Magazine, and co-authored Engage, a new Gospel-centered small groups study published by Threads Media. I’m a husband, a father, and a pastor.

This is my personal blog, focusing on the intersection of life and theology. My goal is to help you grow in your faith as I share what God’s doing in my heart and life.

The content of my posts centers around leadership, theology, and spiritual growth. I’m a small groups pastor at Saddleback Community Church

I typically write 3-4 days/week. If you want to be sure to not miss a post, you can subscribe HERE.

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My bio

I’m a small groups pastor at Saddleback Community Church at our Lake Forest campus. I joined the team in August of 2014.

Previously, I was the small groups pastor at Long Hollow Baptist Church, a multisite church in Nashville, TN.

Before that, I was on staff at a church plant called Grace Community Church.

My interaction with small groups, recruiting small group leaders, training and shepherding them is broad. My heart beats for healthy community. I also know that without a healthy system, we can’t replicate what we do with any efficiency. So I see my role as a systems person, architecting our systems and structures to produce authentic, healthy communities throughout our city.

I graduated from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. My focus was in Theology and Biblical Counseling, and my passion lies in helping people apply the Word of God to their lives, right in the middle of life’s biggest questions and heartaches.

As I lead and connect with people, I’ve found Twitter and Facebook invaluable. You can connect with me on Twitter HERE and Facebook HERE.

I have found a great outlet for my thoughts in writing.  I enjoy the whole process, from gathering the information, to processing it, and to communicating it in a way that challenges norms and stretches people to think differently about life.  My blog is a snapshot of me.  It’s a compliation of how I think and process life.  Sometimes it’s random, sometimes it’s a few bullet points.  Sometimes it’s a picture and sometimes a song.  But it’s always me. Which means you’ll find me writing about my passion for coffee, too. And if we ever get to sit down in person and talk, it’ll probably be over a cup of good, not mediocre, coffee. You’re welcome, in advance.

In addition to writing, I enjoy golfing, running, biking, and CrossFit. I love to go on dates with my wife, laugh with her, and show her that I treasure her above all others.

My wife and I have been married for 9 years. We have a 4 year old son, and a daughter on the way.

Thanks for journeying through life with me.