Ready to take your small groups to the next level? To help your small groups grow, and sustain that growth?

Or maybe you’re looking to launch small groups for the very first time?

Or maybe you have a Sunday school structure, and you’re curious what it would take to have an off-campus strategy alongside what you already do?

Are you a group leader?

A lead pastor?

An education director?

A small group pastor?

Then this book is for you.

A few things you’ll learn

In this book, you’ll learn

  • The “why” behind small groups
  • The value of small groups in the life of your church
  • How to start a small group
  • How to start multiple small groups at once
  • Developing a coaching structure
  • Building spiritual health into your small group
  • Maintaining the groups that you start
  • How to assimilate unconnected people into small groups




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In the bonus section, you’ll get

  • a customizable template for writing sermon-based curriculum
  • customizable forms used to help launch small groups
  • customizable form for interviewing a potential small group leader
  • a sample, and customizable, small group leader agreement
  • lots more!



What other people are saying

Whether you’re a small group veteran or a rookie, this book will help you think practically about raising the bar for your church’s small group strategy. You’ll be encouraged and challenged. I think you’ll enjoy the ride. This book will help your church; it has mine!

Steve Gladen, Small Groups Pastor at Saddleback Church, Author of Small Groups With Purpose and Leading Small Groups With Purpose


When I want to build something new, I like to learn from someone who’s already done it ten times…or better yet, hundreds! That’s Ben. He really does have a very clear blueprint for growing small groups. Not a rigid model or a borrowed strategy. But a simple, proven approach to accomplishing what could be a difficult task – unless you have help. And better than help is wisdom from an expert. That’s Ben, too. His hands are dirty — which is good! And his heart is pure — which is even better! So just do what he says…you won’t be disappointed.

Bill Donahue, best-selling author of Leading Life-changing Small Groups 


Ben is not only a trusted friend, he’s a trusted ministry advisor. One of Ben’s greatest strengths is the ability to learn and then help others learn. He’s done that for me many times. That’s also why I’m happy to see Ben write this book. If you want to know small groups, there’s no one I’d trust more to learn from than Ben. This will become known as a great resource for the Kingdom. 
Ron Edmondson, lead pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church, and organizational leadership consultant, author at


With the precision of a surgeon, the communication skills of a seasoned author, the humor of a stand up comedian, the biblical understanding of a veteran teaching pastor, and the passion of a man whose vision is to change the world through small groups, Ben unearths how to birth and oversee a healthy and flourishing small group ministry. Wanna know what book I’ll be suggesting to first time small group pastors…? You’re holding it in your hand right now.

Rick Howerton, small group specialist at Lifeway, author of A Different Kind of Tribe: Embracing the New Small Group Dynamics 


Ben takes us back to the heart of Small Group Ministry, the people. Ben has an ability for bringing out the basics of Small Group Ministry in a relational way. In Starting Small you will learn, or be reminded, how to launch and guide a ministry, a group, a movement to help people take their next step of faith.”

Eddie Mosley, Executive pastor of group life at Life Point Church, and author of Connecting in Communities


Ben Reed is not only one of the premier small group thinkers around, but he is also a practitioner. Through personal stories of successes and failures, this book will inspire both church leaders who are just exploring the idea of small groups, and seasoned group leaders that are looking for new inspiration. I highly recommend Starting Small for anyone that believes in circles over rows.

Chris Surratt, Pastor of Ministries at Cross Point Church, Nashville, TN


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