The Quiet

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The Quiet

In this room, The Quiet is victorious.

It’s heavy and loud and visible.

Nervous laughter and fond memories

open the gate that’s quickly shut

as once again the conquerer is

The Quiet.

The Quiet beckons to let life go.

The room hangs on every breath.

and for a brief moment hearts grasp for life.

The exchange of slow breaths for open eyes

quickly give way, yielding to

The Quiet

Gaining strength with every vacuous breath,

Stealing hope and drawing water from eyes,

One force dominates through stress,

multiplying fatigue, frustrations, and pain,

Growing stronger with every moment:

The Quiet

Until The Quiet loses ground.

Hope bursts forth as life slips

and tears sprout a tension of joy and


The battle is over.

Eternity begins.


Christ follower, husband, father, writer, small groups pastor at Saddleback Community Church. Communications director for the Small Group Network.

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  • Jason Vana

    Awesome poem Ben!

    • Ben Reed

      Thanks for the encouragement, Jason.

  • Luther Wesley

    I believe there will only be a few moments of quiet…..then we will be in the presence of Our Lord as the Angels sing welcome Home.

    Good Poem

    • Ben Reed

      That’s a good word, Luther. Thanks.

  • Mpalo

    Great poem Ben – Andrea and I both enjoyed it – maybe the reason it did not get a lot of response was because it invoked quietness? 

    • Ben Reed

      Good point, Matt. The Quiet won again.