I’m not a reader…

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Why can a person read 2,444 pages of the Twilight Saga but barely find 10 minutes to read their Bible?

I ask difficult questions.  Not difficult in that you couldn’t follow along because they’re intellectually difficult, but difficult in the sense that they’re not surface-level, “easy” questions.

I was talking with a person recently, asking them about how they’re doing spending time reading their Bible (because I’m convinced that if a person’s not reading their Bible consistently, they’re not growing consistently).

Them: I’m just not a reader.

Me: I don’t buy that.

Them: I just don’t like to read.

Me: How many pages are in Twilight?

Them: I don’t know…probably over 1,000.

Me: How long did it take you to read that?

Them: Less than a week.

Me: …

You make time for what matters most to you.  Not sure where to start with the Bible?  Here’s a reading plan for you.


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  • http://twitter.com/andylie @andylie

    Excellent post, Ben! Timely as well…a large number of our congregation is reading through the Bible in 90 Days – several (including yours truly) – finished last week, with more to finish this week and next (not quite 90, but under 120 days!). I've talked to folks who have really begun to see God move in their lives, because they've learned to "see" the way folks in the Bible "saw". Good stuff.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Benlreed Benlreed

      Wow…120 days is still intense! Keep it up, Andy!

  • Nikki Eidson

    I know for me, until recently, i didn't classify myself as a "reader" either. but like you pointed out, i read the first three books of the twilight saga in the span of two weeks and then when the fourth came out, i read it in about a week, too. but when it came to the Bible, it was so hard to sit down and "make time for God" as difficult as it is … See Moreto admit.

    For me, it was a sense of "I don't 'haaaave' to read it to be seen as a 'good Christian' (which in of itself is a-whole-nother topic)" and I, honestly, thought I could handle walking with God without Scripture…I guess the whole sense of self-sufficiency and pride kept me from putting God first because I thought I could handle it all on my own with God coming to my rescue only when I needed Him to.

    But it wasn't until recently when I was really broken down, suffering, struggling in my walk, and just all around unhappy that I realized that I NEEDED to make that sacrifice of spending time on facebook or watching TV or even studying for school to make that much needed time for God.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Benlreed Benlreed

    Thanks for sharing your heart, Nikki. God deserves the firstfruits of our hearts. Yet in my life, I often find myself giving him the leftovers. I've got work to do, too!

    • http://twitter.com/greetingboots @greetingboots

      That goes for me too Nikki. And between you and me, I'm the one that got this started. I think God was sending me a message through Ben. I'm going through very tough times right now, and instead of turning to the bible, I turned to something else. I also have a lot to think about right now. Thank you Ben

  • http://www.becominglast.wordpress.com Matt

    That last line cracked me up. I've had that "…" moment before – on both ends of it. Your point is well taken though. I know I for sure could spend more time reading the Bible.