You should join a small group if…

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…you can walk into church without anybody knowing you

…you leave church without anybody knowing you

…you’ve backslidden

…you want to grow in your faith

…you want to help others grow in their faith

…you need a place to serve

…you need a place to grow

…you need a place to belong

…you’re curious about God

…you don’t even know where to start

…you are a new believer

…you are a mature believer

…you are divorced

…you have children

…you cannot have children

…you “have it together”

…everybody else knows you don’t “have it together”

…you have a great family

…your family is rotten

…you don’t have any family

…you have lots of friends, but none that share your values

…you don’t have any friends who encourage you

…you don’t have any friends who hold you accountable

…you don’t have any friends, period

…life has fallen apart

…you know life will soon fall apart

…you have lots of free time

…you don’t have any free time

…you don’t have parenthood figured out yet

…you don’t have marriage figured out yet

…you don’t have singleness figured out yet

…life is tough right now

…you find that living the Christian life is difficult

…you erroneously think living the Christian life is easy

…you can never seem to think of things to pray for

…you have a house (or apartment) that can seat more than 2 people

…your story is still in progress

What would you add to this list?


Christ follower, husband, father, writer, small groups pastor at Saddleback Community Church. Communications director for the Small Group Network.

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  • Mike Waits

    Great post Ben! At first I thought 37 was a strange number. Absurd! 36 maybe, or even 38 …but 37? J/K. I found this amusing and will pass it on. Have been drawing closer to starting a small group "outside" of the building for a while now and am looking to launch soon. Might pick your brain later…

  • Benlreed

    I'd love to, Mike. Let me know any time you'd like to chat.

  • @andylie

    Awesome post Ben. I'm going to use this list at my church!

  • Zack

    …you pull for Carolina, because that is a clear sign that you are in sin and need to repent.