Design is crucial.  I just wrote about that HERE.

But when it comes to blogging, content is still king.

I have helped a number of people out with their blogs.  Making tweaks.  Customizing them.  Telling them the “secrets” I used to create my blog.

And I’m okay with that.

In the design world, design is sacred.  If you design something, you reserve the right to that property…and people pay big bucks for your expertise and creativity.  You don’t just give that design away.*

But in my world, I give it away.  Partly because I’m not a designer.  Partly because I believe that social media is built for generosity.  And mainly because, though design is incredibly important and attractive, it’s not king.  Content is.

Design may be flashy, but it’s the content that’s driving this blog, not the design.  Design is an important aspect, but it’s not the one that keeps me writing.

Design is important, but it’s not why somebody would come back to your site.  It’ll only get you (and your readers) so far.  I’ve seen some incredibly well-designed blogs…filled with fluff.  I don’t go back.  I’ve seen some no-design blogs, with lots of great, fresh content.  I return often.

People may initially click your site because it looks cool.  But they’ll choose whether or not to come back because of the content you produce.

Which is why I firmly believe that the number of subscribers (those who buy in to what you have to say, and return regularly) you have to your blog is more important than the number of blind hits you have.

Are you producing high quality content?

Are your subscriber counts reflecting that?

Do you find yourself working more on your blog design than your content?

Can the same be said of your church?

*let it be known: 1) I’m not a designer.  2) I have no problem with designers charging for their services.