I love Twitter and social media.  But just like any other form of media, the pool gets diluted pretty quickly.

So I’ve come up with some of my own rules for why I won’t follow you back on Twitter.  Don’t be offended.  If we ever run into each other in person, we’d probably be friends.  But my Twitter profile has standards much higher than I do.

Why I won’t follow you on Twitter:

Your picture:

  • has you resting your head on your clenched fist.
  • is of you wearing sunglasses.
  • if of you taking a picture of yourself, and we can see the camera.
  • you don’t have a picture because you haven’t taken the time to upload one.

Your profile:

  • includes “Internet expert”
  • includes “social media expert”
  • includes “Internet social media expert specialist”
  • includes any of the above words in any order

Your Auto-Direct Message

Your followers:

  • You have over 1,000 followers and only 2 updates
  • You have over 1,000 updates and only 2 followers
  • You follow 2,000 people and only 2 follow you back

Your updates:

  • You only update about your own stuff (website, blog, self-promotion, etc).
  • Any of your updates include: “I got thousands of followers using ______…you should try it!”
  • You never reply to anyone
  • You never update. Ever.
  • All you do is reply…to 10 people every update.

Have you ever consciously chosen not to follow somebody back on Twitter?

Why or why not?