(photo by Gail Mooney)

What do you wear to Sunday morning worship?

a) My “Sunday best.” Suit and tie for the guys, dressy dress for the ladies.

b) Business casual. Looking nice, but not necessarily a tie or a dress.  Probably khakis and a button-down for the guys…slacks or a skirt for the ladies.  It’s all got to be ironed.

c) Casual. T-shirt and jeans for the guys.  Maybe even slipping in some flip-flops occasionally.  Jeans and a nice shirt for the ladies.  Ironed…most of the time.

d) Less-than-casual. Hawaiian shirts and cut-off shorts for the guys.  Shorts and a t-shirt for the ladies.

e) WYSIWYG. What You See Is What You Get.  Roll out of bed, find something clean.  If you can’t find anything clean, then the closest thing on the floor will do.  Ironing is out of the question.  The only way it seems ironed is because it’s laid at the bottom of the pile of clothes on the floor.

Does the way you dress on Sunday mornings even matter?

Should we be concerned in the least with Sunday morning attire?