The Nines is a conference (online) I look forward to every year. (you can register for it, for free, right HERE)

It’s a conference with 99 speakers, each with a 9 minute platform to share their thoughts, and for pastors and church leaders to learn from each other.  It’s proven to be a great idea generator for me.

They have a number of speakers that they choose beforehand, but they reserve a certain number of spots for “write-in” votes.  The “people’s choice awards” of the church leaders community.

And this year, instead of just giving my virtual “thumbs up” to the guys and gals I nominated, I thought I’d give a little explanation, and a further encouragement for you to “thumbs up” them, too.  Here’s my list.

My votes for The Nines:

Ron Edmondson

he’s a leader of leaders. He’s one of those guys that, when he speaks, I’ve got to have a pen and paper handy (err…your Evernote account just needs to be up) just to keep up with the flow from the fire hydrant of ministry goodness.  Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, and on his blog.

He can share enough wisdom in 9 minutes to start a revolution.

Jonathan Pearson

He’s creative, he’s genuine, and he’s generous. He’s the communications pastor at Cornerstone Community Church, and few understand communications like Jonathan does. He speaks clearly to, and for, his generation.  Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, and his blog.

Give him 9 minutes, and you’ll hear and understand the heartbeat of a generation.

Brandon Cox

Brandon is currently a church planter by profession. And a great one at that. But over the last year, as he and I have connected online and in person, I’ve been struck by his wisdom and winsomeness when it comes to networking. There are few as connected as Brandon. He’s a master with people.  Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, and his blog.

In 9 minutes, you’ll believe in the power of social media to connect with the world.

If you agree with any of these nominations, head on over to The Nines site and give them a “thumbs up” HERE.