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We’re better together

This is a guest post from my friend Jonathan Pearson, Orangeburg Campus Pastor at Cornerstone Community Church and Assistant Director of The Sticks Network. He’s also the co-creator of MillennialLeader.com, an online community for young leaders. Jonathan’s written a new book, Next Up: 8 Shifts Great Young Leaders Make. Trust me…it’s a book you want to read.



We’re better together.

That sounds like a line from a romantic comedy, but it’s so much more than that. The idea that we’re better when we work together and when we’re doing life together is one that is true in every relationship sense and in every area of our lives.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

We’ve been to the place where someone disappoints us or we don’t get something from someone or something when we expect and we retreat to ourselves. We get so upset at the faults of others or even ourselves that we pull back and retreat to solitude. The result, when left alone for too long, is the life begins to fall out of us… little by little.

We need others. We’re better together.

We see the example of Jesus. He would retreat for short times to be with the Father, but other than that, he always had people around him. He had 12 that he did life with. Why? It was definitely because of the mission that he was calling them to, but it was also because he knew that he was made for relationship with other people. That even the Son of God needed people around him to live life with.

No matter what you do, how old you are, what your career is, or your family situation, you need people around you. For those of us that find ourselves in a place of leadership, we need people around us to hold us up, to hold up, and to walk through life with. We need people to bounce ideas off of, to glean from, and to encourage us.

We can’t live in retreat.

We can’t live in life alone.

We need each other.

Find good people to put yourself around.

They don’t have to be just like you… Jesus’ weren’t like him.

They don’t have to be perfect… they won’t be.

They just need to be there.

You just need them there.

You just need to be there for them.

Read more about topics like this in Jonathan’s book Next Up: 8 Shifts Great Young Leaders Make. To find out more about the book, go to nextupbook.com. To find out more about Jonathan go to JonP.me.



The Nines…online goodness

The Nines is a conference (online) I look forward to every year. (you can register for it, for free, right HERE)

It’s a conference with 99 speakers, each with a 9 minute platform to share their thoughts, and for pastors and church leaders to learn from each other.  It’s proven to be a great idea generator for me.

They have a number of speakers that they choose beforehand, but they reserve a certain number of spots for “write-in” votes.  The “people’s choice awards” of the church leaders community.

And this year, instead of just giving my virtual “thumbs up” to the guys and gals I nominated, I thought I’d give a little explanation, and a further encouragement for you to “thumbs up” them, too.  Here’s my list.

My votes for The Nines:

Ron Edmondson

he’s a leader of leaders. He’s one of those guys that, when he speaks, I’ve got to have a pen and paper handy (err…your Evernote account just needs to be up) just to keep up with the flow from the fire hydrant of ministry goodness.  Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, and on his blog.

He can share enough wisdom in 9 minutes to start a revolution.

Jonathan Pearson

He’s creative, he’s genuine, and he’s generous. He’s the communications pastor at Cornerstone Community Church, and few understand communications like Jonathan does. He speaks clearly to, and for, his generation.  Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, and his blog.

Give him 9 minutes, and you’ll hear and understand the heartbeat of a generation.

Brandon Cox

Brandon is currently a church planter by profession. And a great one at that. But over the last year, as he and I have connected online and in person, I’ve been struck by his wisdom and winsomeness when it comes to networking. There are few as connected as Brandon. He’s a master with people.  Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, and his blog.

In 9 minutes, you’ll believe in the power of social media to connect with the world.

If you agree with any of these nominations, head on over to The Nines site and give them a “thumbs up” HERE.



A great blog resource

I want to tell you (like I promised I would HERE) about a blog that I’m loving, and that you should check out.

It’s called “Turn the World Upside Down,” created by an online friend of mine, Jonathan Pearson.  Jonathan is the Communications Pastor at Cornerstone Community Church in Orangeburg, SC.

I know, I know…there are tons of new blog, with good content, vying for your attention.  So why should you read Jonathan’s?

5 Reasons you should read Turn the World Upside Down

1. He’s consistently producing high-quality content. No fluff here.  You’re getting stellar posts every time.

2. He consistently posts. You’re going to see fresh content from Jonathan almost every day of the week.

3. It’s going to challenge you in your relationship with God. Jonathan is a solid thinker, and his mind for theology is on point.  His eye for applying the Scriptures is fresh and challenging, and will encourage you to take steps of faith.

4. As a young pastor, Jonathan will stretch how you think. We young guys like to shake things up a bit…Jonathan thinks outside of the box from the way ministry “has” to operate, and for that, I appreciate his work.

5. 8s on the 8s. Just click the link to see why.

So hop on over to Jonathan’s blog HERE, and subscribe to get his blog automatically delivered HERE.  While you’re at it, give him a follow on Twitter HERE.

Have you connected with Jonathan yet?

I’d love to add your blog to my blogroll!  Just leave a comment HERE with your info, then add me to your blogroll…I’ll return the favor!


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