I’ve recently had a number of conversations with folks about the legitimacy of pushing your own content.  To me, it feels weird.  I don’t like always pumping my own stuff.  It feels, in a way, self-centered.

That’s not my goal or aim in promoting my own material.  I promise.  And if that’s how I’ve ever come across, please forgive me.

But I’d like to turn the tables.  I want to promote your stuff.  So now’s the chance to tell everybody about your blog!  Really, it’s ok to promote your own stuff here…I’m giving you permission.

I’m redoing my blogroll.  Tell me about the blogs of your friends, your pastor, and the ones you read regularly.  And don’t forget to tell me about yours, too! Tell us the focus, the target audience, the types of posts you do, or what you hope to gain from your blog.  Sell us on why we should read it!   If you leave a comment, I’ll add you to my personal blogroll here on Life & Theology.

I’m also going to take one of the blogs that you mention and write a review post of why the readers here at Life & Theology should be reading it. So make sure you comment about any and all blogs you want considered, and I’ll be reviewing them.

So leave a comment.

Start with your blog, and I’ll add you to my blogroll.

Would you add me to yours?