Here are some of my favorites from around the web this week:

How American Adults Read the Bible, by Ed Stetzer

We released some new research last week focused on habits of adult Americans in relation to how they read the Bible. Among regular Bible readers, more than a third indicate they read it nearly every day and typically use one primary version of the Bible.

After compiling the research though, we can unfortunately conclude that among American Bible readers, owning multiple Bibles is much more prevalent than regularly investing time in reading it.

The Danger of Hiring the Best, by Eric Geiger:

The longer I lead, the more I realize how essential the right leaders are to the success of a team, ministry, or organization. While the right leaders will overcome insufficient systems and processes, great processes and systems can never overcome ineffective leaders.

The right leaders are not necessarily the “best” leaders.


Trying to nail Jell-O to the Wall (and knowing when to quit), by Tim Peters:

In order to grow and succeed, organizations and leaders need to continually forge ahead with new ideas, projects and personnel. Unfortunately, not all those efforts are going to succeed. In fact, a fair share of them will fall flat. The key is admitting your failure and moving forward. Knowing when to quit is just as important as knowing when to persevere.


5 Suggestions When the Pastor leads a small group, by Ron Edmondson

Since beginning Grace Community Church I have personally led a small group study, many times meeting in our home. Cheryl and I have loved each of our groups. Some of our best friends in life have come from these groups. I hear from pastors who don’t want to lead a group or feel that they shouldn’t, but from my experience, I think it is best when a pastor does.

Redefining worship in small group, by Spence Shelton

When I hear that title [Redefining worship in small groups], immediately this scene comes to my mind: Clarence Spragains, the small group leader, puts a CD into the CD + Cassette combo player he bought in 1994 and out comes either “Jesus take the Wheel” or “Saddle Up your Horses.” Clarence is singing at full blast, that other couple is halfway engaged doing the eyes-shut head bob while the other 9 people are frantically looking for the fire escape routes.


You find anything noteworthy?