People want the newest and the latest, right?  That’s why a new iPod can come out, with very few new features, and have a splash in the market.  That’s why new movies, new sandwiches, new TV shows, and new churches can initially do really well.  That may not be what keeps people longing for second helpings, but “new” attracts people.  Since I’m a blogger, I’m always asking myself, “What’s the the next new thing with blogs?”

I don’t know.  I can’t answer that question for you.  But somebody will.  And they’ll launch with a splash in the market.  It may be completely different, or it may be a twist on what you see now, but rest assured that there will be another wave.  Let me assure you of one thing that will have to be present for that blog, or website, or ministry to continue to be effective and relevant: genuineness.

Blogs that are effective now give a glimpse into a person’s life.  Ron Edmonson is a great example of that.  I read his blog, and love it.  He shares great information, communicated through his personality.  It’s a snapshot of him. Warts and all.

I believe that this is a big reason that Twitter has become viral.  Twitter is a way for people to say, “This who I am.”

These days, I believe that people want content that communicates personality, not just information.  Cutting-edge information is great, and is needed, but if it’s stale and lifeless people will leave it on the shelf.

How are you communicating, whether that’s through a podcast, a blog, Twitter, Facebook, sermons, or presentations, using your personality?  Go ahead and try it.  Be vulnerable, honest, real.  Your audience will appreciate it.