I asked this question recently on Twitter and Facebook:

What is the most difficult part of parenting?

I got some fantastic responses…so great, in fact, that I thought I’d share them with you. ¬†I think some of them will resonate with you.

The most difficult part of parenting:

My answers (thought I’d throw my own thoughts in, too):

  • Consistent discipline
  • There are no step-by-step instruction books on parenting.
  • My child has a will and so do I
  • So much of who you are comes out in their personality
  • You don’t get a break. Even when you’re apart, you think about them.
  • It can be embarrassing.
  • $$$$
  • Getting them to eat (my son is 2.5)
  • Helping them understand why they should do the right thing.

Your answers

  • Putting my kids’ needs before my own. BradHuebert
  • The most difficult part of parenting is having kids. ¬†It would be much easier without them! Jeremy_Riggs
  • Not being perfect myself. JCWert
  • Discipline with consistency. Lori Prine Clayton
  • The children. Justin Henne
  • The other parent. Elizabeth Clark
  • Being stern, with them knowing it’s in love. Brenda Taylor
  • Being constantly humbled by my sinfulness. It’s a very real picture into my idolatry of myself. ¬†Courtney Shelton
  • Discipline and tough love. ¬†Sarah McAfee
  • Guilt. Bonnie Bowers
  • Letting the poop slide right off of you…literally and figuratively. ¬†Theresa Milton
  • Patience. ¬†Joseph Smith
  • Not having kids to practice on…thanks for rubbing it in, Ben. ¬†Tyler Aman
  • Letting them go to grow. ¬†It is natural for us to want to shelter and protect them. ¬†It is difficult to step back, even when it is good for them. ¬†Keith Davis
  • Letting them go when they are grown, letting them be who they want to be without question, I really can’t answer this fully, wow! ¬†And I have raised 3 kids already, on the 4th and last! ūüôĀ ¬†Jackie Olvis
  • I just wish my children were still at home!!! ¬†(I also mean when they were younger and I was younger too!) ¬†Mary Jane Ross
  • When someone hurts them and you can’t do anything to stop it. ¬†Hazel Tindle
  • Different at every stage. ¬†There are changes I welcome joyfully and those that pass with sadness. ¬†I do agree that letting go is hard and has been present and progressive at every stage. ¬†Camie Green
  • Letting go when they are adults. ¬†Beth Bunch
  • Not giving them so much attention that gets them looking at themselves instead of God. ¬†Granny Piper

What do you think the most difficult part of parenting is?