Pee Pee and steps of faith

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(Rex on his 4-wheeler, 2-20-2011)

On Sunday, my son ran up and down the halls of our church building (a high school, in fact) yelling, “Pee pee!!  Pee pee!!”

Obviously, we’re in the middle (well, that’s probably a stretch.  We’re probably closer to the beginning of this stage) of potty training.

I could’ve gotten frustrated.  Embarrassed.  Angry.  Or indifferent.  But I was none of that.

I chose to laugh.  Why?

Because it’s funny!  My 2 year old son is telling the whole world that he just peed in the toilet, not his pants.

Was it embarrassing?  Yep.

Was it frustrating, especially because he also peed in his diaper?  Yep.

But in that moment, I chose not to focus on the growth that still needed to happen.  I chose to celebrate with my son.

And we’d do well to remind ourselves that our Father rejoices over even a small step of faith.  Good fathers don’t punish their children when they pee in their diaper, even though they’re learning not to.  I don’t scold my son, even though I’ve told him countless times that he’s supposed to pee in the toilet.

Because I have the future in mind. I know that, at some point, the battle with this will be over.  We’ll work through this.  This is just a step in his journey towards maturity.  He’ll mature out of this, and in the meantime, I’m going to celebrate small steps in the right direction.

And I can’t help but think that God has the future in mind with us, too.  He has the bigger picture of our growth and maturity in mind at all times.  And yes, at times, we need discipline.  But He celebrates small steps in the right direction because He can see what we cannot.  And while we’re sitting in our own guilt and shame, God’s seeing the future, and is ready to offer us grace if we’ll just step towards Him.

But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found. (Luke 15:32)

Do you need to remind yourself that a step in the right direction is worth celebrating?

Do you need to remind someone else of that?


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  • Theresa Milton

    Precious Ben…and true. You made me laugh.

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  • Jason Vana

    Wow Ben – I love this, and needed to hear it today. It’s way too easy for me to focus on where I’m not and the growth I still need to make, that I forget to celebrate the steps I have made. Thanks for this!

  • Katie

    This reminds me of a profound thought I had spurred by Crazy Love. God does not focus on our failures or shortcomings, but instead he sees only our potential. We’re often too hard on ourselves and need to know that our heavenly Father sees us much like we see our own children. Wonderful when we can relate everyday happenings to our relationship with our Lord.

  • seekingpastor

    I too often celebrate only the big things partially because that is what was modeled for me as a child. I’m doing better at this though because of my wife. She’s a champion at celebrating the little things.

  • Dustin

    Baby steps. With kids sometimes its a constant reminder that a small step is sometimes a step towards greater things. Enjoyed your post, Ben!