My struggles

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I wouldn’t call myself an insecure child.

photo by Jason Harper

But little thoughts pop into my head, and it reminds me that I’m still human.

I’m still a sinner.

I still need encouragement.

I still need grace.

I still need Truth.

And I don’t lean in close to my King often enough.

Here are questions that pop into my head.

  • Why can’t I blog like him?  He just started!
  • Why can’t I speak as well as he does?  I went to school for this stuff!
  • Why can’t I write a book like she did?
  • Why can’t I think about systems as well as he does?
  • Why can’t I work out as often as he does?
  • Why can’t I be a stronger leader like him?
  • Why can’t I communicate as clearly as she does?
  • Why am I not as disciplined as they are?
  • Why can I not read as many books as he does?
  • Why can’t I be better at fixing things like he is?

See how my warped mind works?

I need to remind myself that my strengths are mine.   Your strengths are yours.   And that’s a good thing.

I need to get over the fact that I can’t be good at everything.  I need to be good at where God’s gifted me and what He’s called me to be and do.

Reminder to self:

God’s not gifted you with all of the gifts.  If He did, you’d be God.  Learn from other people and marvel at the grace and beauty of God.

Am I the only one that asks these questions?

What insecurity struggles are you facing?



Christ follower, husband, father, writer, small groups pastor at Saddleback Community Church. Communications director for the Small Group Network.

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  • Jason Wert

    I’ve been there.  All of those questions usually were boiled down into one question: “God, why am I not good enough for you to give me a chance to do what they’re doing?”  Silly, I know.  But it’s something I’ve had to fight to overcome.

    • Ben Reed

      Fighting with you, Jason!

  • Jim F.

    Been there, done that, and still do it at times.  Many of mine are the same as yours.

    • Ben Reed

      Glad to hear I’m not alone, Jim.

  • Luther Wesley

    Great post here.  One of my favorites actually.  We will never be effective in what God has called us if we are comparing ourselves to others. 

  • @kylereed

    All of the above :)

    What I have found for myself is that when I start to compare myself I realize that I have missed who I truly am. That my identity is off and that I am not seeing myself as a child of God by a child of my own created god

    • Ben Reed

      Yes.  Amen to that!

  • Amy Hale

    Great post! You are definitely not the only person that asks these questions.
    Two comments I’d like to make:
    1. I have found that when I get “down” after comparing  myself to others, if I will confess my wrong attitude and talk to God about it, openly, honestly, He helps me by reminding me what my strengths are…what He sees in me. 
    2. Also, I can’t tell you how many times lately I have thought of that verse in the bible where Jesus is talking to one of his disciples and says “What is that to you? You follow me.”
    (This post reminded me of that)
    Thanks for letting me share,

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