I wouldn’t call myself an insecure child.

photo by Jason Harper

But little thoughts pop into my head, and it reminds me that I’m still human.

I’m still a sinner.

I still need encouragement.

I still need grace.

I still need Truth.

And I don’t lean in close to my King often enough.

Here are questions that pop into my head.

  • Why can’t I blog like him?  He just started!
  • Why can’t I speak as well as he does?  I went to school for this stuff!
  • Why can’t I write a book like she did?
  • Why can’t I think about systems as well as he does?
  • Why can’t I work out as often as he does?
  • Why can’t I be a stronger leader like him?
  • Why can’t I communicate as clearly as she does?
  • Why am I not as disciplined as they are?
  • Why can I not read as many books as he does?
  • Why can’t I be better at fixing things like he is?

See how my warped mind works?

I need to remind myself that my strengths are mine.   Your strengths are yours.   And that’s a good thing.

I need to get over the fact that I can’t be good at everything.  I need to be good at where God’s gifted me and what He’s called me to be and do.

Reminder to self:

God’s not gifted you with all of the gifts.  If He did, you’d be God.  Learn from other people and marvel at the grace and beauty of God.

Am I the only one that asks these questions?

What insecurity struggles are you facing?