With nearly every post I write on this blog, I try to push people to think more deeply, take a step of faith, and find Jesus more captivating.

Not this post, though. This is just pure randomness. Enjoy.

image credit: Creative Commons user Turbo Toddi

I played golf yesterday with a good buddy of mine. He’s the best golfer I know. He played on the European tour for a decade, and if he hadn’t injured himself in 2010, he would’ve been on the senior PGA Tour right now.

He’s an instructor, a master club fitter (1 of only 20 certified in the world), and has worked with countless guys on Tour.

To top all of that off, he talks a big talk. (don’t most golfers?!?)

Throughout the round, there are phrases that Larry says. I call them “Larry-isms.” Little goofy sayings that he drops that have me in stitches throughout the round. Growing up playing golf, I can piece together what he’s meaning. But I wonder if you can decipher any of these phrases.

If you think you know, leave your answer in the comments section. I’ll report back in and let you know if you got it.

Golf Lingo

1. “It doesn’t take a Lamborghini long to warm up. It may cough at little at first…but then it purrs.”

2. “That’s right in the honey hole.”

3. “Oooh…that’s downtown Joey Brown.”

4. “I’ll buy you a cold drink at the turn if you hit that.” Followed immediately by “The water fountain is on the left.”

5. “Be the number!”

6. “That a 9? Don’t be afraid of it.”

7. “You’re dialed in right now.”

8. “Ride!!”

9. “It wouldn’t have looked better if you’d painted it.”

10. “I want you to start it at that brown pine and let the baby’s breath float it.”

11. “You had that read, you just didn’t get it to the depot.”

Any guesses? Leave a comment!