Giving your Best Away

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photo credit: Creation Swap user Red Bottle

I don’t know what you’re good at.

Maybe you’re amazing at building things.

Maybe you’re skilled at fixing broken things.

Maybe you’re a gifted communicator.

Or you can write in a way that makes thoughts come alive.

Maybe you have a strong back and can move heavy boxes.

Maybe you can coach soccer like nobody’s business.

Maybe it’s working with electricity that you’re skilled at.

Maybe you have every Friday night free.

Maybe you can think “systems” in a way that structurally organizes chaotic programs.

Maybe you’re a good painter.

Give away your best for free.

Your “best” is a gift. Especially when you’ve been trained (through school and/or practical on-the-job training) to use that gift more effectively. It’s a blessing God’s given you. There’s nothing wrong with making money doing what you’re good at, but God’s not just given you your gift to make money. He’s given you your gift to bless others and make a difference.

It’s time you stopped complaining about not knowing what you can do.

It’s time you stopped making excuses for not doing.

It’s time you stopped bemoaning a lack of resources.

You’re good at something. I guarantee that you are. There’s something that you do that comes easily for you, but others just can’t seem to pull it off.

God’s given you that gift to serve others.

Find a way to start using it.

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. – 1 Peter 4:10

*Photo credit: Creation Swap user Red Bottle


Christ follower, husband, father, writer, small groups pastor at Saddleback Community Church. Communications director for the Small Group Network.

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  • Jonathan Pearson

    Great take on this man. Give it away… we didn’t come up with the talent anyway… it was put there. 

  • MichaelDPerkins

    So good man.  We all have gifts and we all can give them away.  What’s the sense in hoarding them and keeping them to ourselves.  I cannot help but think of the parable of the talents…and how one guy squandered what he had been given but the others multiplied it.

  • Rob Shepherd

    Word! As in great word! Love it.

  • Ja Cook

    Awesome reminder! So often we get caught up in what we think “ministry work” and forget that anything we do for God and for others is ministry.

  • Jason Vana

    Great challenge today, Ben, especially the part about God not giving you the gift just so that you can make money. I’ve seen that all too often – people trying to make money each time they use their gifts. It’s perfectly fine to make a living off the gift God gave you, but if you aren’t blessing others with it as well, we’ve missed the point.