Dave Ramsey, author, radio host and TV host, started his talk at Catalyst 2011 with the question:

What does it really mean to be present as you’re engaging in leadership?

He has decided he’s going to run his business God’s way.

Leadership matters.

5 things about leadership that matter:


1. In order to be present, you’ve got to understand that people matter.

  • The #1 correlation between your success and failure is your relational IQ.
  • When you’re having an interaction with someone, listen for their story.

2. An incredible team and a culture of excellence matters.

  • If we’re not careful, we’ll be surrounded by people who need more help that they can give.
  • You can’t win the Kentucky Derby if you’ve got a donkey.
  • When you put someone in the wrong seat on a bus, the whole organization suffers.
  • Spend time on the staffing/interview process.
  • Don’t intentionally bring ‘crazy’ into the building.

3. Slow and steady matters.

  • Don’t let your ministry, workplace, and life go faster than your resources.
  • When you’re growing faster than you’ve got money, you’re about to have problems.

4. Financial principles matter.

  • Stay out of debt
  • Save.
  • Have a plan.
  • Spend less than you make.
  • Learn to be generous.

5. A higher calling matters.

  • Do your work as unto the Lord.
  • Opportunity will be attracted to excellence.

Care about the “why” not just the “what.”

The “why” is the most important part. Readdress your higher calling each and every day.

Do you see leadership as essential?