image credit: Creation Swap user

We created art today,

my son & I crafting a masterpiece.

Weaving figure 8s, sweeping our brushes across,

we dominated the back yard.


We created art today.

He used the green, I the orange.

No blade stood a chance

as we blanketed every square inch of our canvas.


We created art today

amidst a stifling heat.

We left, covered in green bits of canvas

from which we had crafted.


We created art today,

art of the best kind.

Art that gives you hope

and makes you laugh.


We created art today,

art that displays real life.

And spotlights the best this life can offer.

Art that beckons others’ enjoyment.


We created art today

and we’ll do it again next week.

When the long blades call out

for a father and son to create a masterpiece.