Conference essentials

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When I go to conferences, I have a few things that are essential for me as I attend.

1. iPhone – I will take most of my notes on this.  I use Evernote, which syncs with my computer automatically.  That way, I can take notes, and have them stored, not having to worry about transferring them from my phone.  And to keep everybody updated in real time, I use Hootsuite.

2. Backpack – With all of the S.W.A.G. (stuff we all get) at conferences, I don’t want to carry them in my hands.  And a shoulder bag is just too cumbersome to navigate the crowds.  A backpack is a must.

3. Laptop – I enjoy processing my thoughts out loud…which means that, to blog, I’ve got to have my computer.

4. Moleskine – Batteries don’t last forever.  And sometimes, electronic devices open up too slowly.  Enter the good ole fashioned pen and paper.  And I’ve found nothing better than a Moleskine.

5. The Sharpie Pen Gotta have something to write with.

What are your conference essentials?


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