5 years!

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Laura and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary together this weekend.  Wow, how time flies!  Here are some things we’ve done that I would consider significant, in random order:

1. Moved five times.

2. Finished graduate school.

3. Bought a car and a truck.

4. Bought a house.

5. Bought a dog.

6. Had a child.

7. Led a small group

8. Learned how to love each other.

9. Laughed together.

10. Cried together.

11. Dreamed about ministry together.

12. Went on a lot of dates.

13. Invested in other couples.

14. Found couples that would invest in us.

15. Cleaned house together.

16. Worked hard to find the best, most unique gifts for each other, instead of only doing that for others.

17. Fell asleep on the couch together

18. Worshiped together.

19. Read Scripture together. (which leads back to #18)

20. Grow a garden together.


What have you done in five years?


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  • chris beck

    My 10 year anniversary is next month. Here are 10 things we have done (in the spirit of your list).

    1. 10 years of ministry.
    2. 2 Kids, A Dog, and somehow a cat.
    3. 3 Cars and 2 Trucks (Too many)
    4. Moved 3 times
    5. Bought 2 houses.
    6. Have been members of the same church for 10 years.
    7. Played music together at The Station Inn in Nashville (among other places)
    8. Definitely cried together.
    9. Definitely laughed together.
    10. Sadly, have not gone on enough dates together thanks to number 1.

  • http://www.jamrmiller.blogspot.com Mindy M.

    I was thinking about your anniversary the other day – I knew it was coming up soon.
    Congratulations, you two!
    I’m sure you feel like Anthony & I – in one way it seems like you’ve been together for forever (It’s hard to recall life without him, even when I didn’t know him it seems like he was a part of me then – that sounds really weird but I don’t know a better way to explain it) & in another way the five years have FLOWN by. Ours is coming up at the end of August.

  • Kristin Pearson

    Here’s what we’ve done:
    1. moved three times (in 2 towns)
    2. built a house from scratch
    3. sold a house on our own
    4. had our son who is our miracle
    5. had a miscarriage when our son was 8 months old
    6. started five new jobs (me five, Dennis 2, I am working three right now!)
    7. had an ectopic pregnancy after moving to Clarksville
    8. started the adoption process
    9. mourned together
    10. laughed together
    11. survived a home study
    12. attempting to survive getting a mortgage
    13. sold a car outright, traded a car, killed a car and bought a new one, inherited a free Jeep
    14. Paid off 75% of our debt that was, at one time, very signifigant- all in the last 8 months!!!
    15. I had surgery twice
    16. Dennis had surgery twice
    17. in-law issues
    18. learned more about communication and eachother
    19. dates/fights/making up/dates/fights/making up
    20. growing our relationship with God together
    21. joined our first small group
    22. teaching our son about Jesus, how to pray