(image by Natilee Dee)

As a way of validating their profession:

  • Hair dressers have to have edgy hair
  • Mechanics have to have a project car
  • Farmers have to have Carhartts
  • Teachers have to have an ugly sweater
  • Used car salesmen have to have a mustache and too much cologne (just chuckle and move on…don’t be offended)
  • Coffee baristas have to have a conspicuous piercing, tattoo, or both
  • Hipsters have to have strange facial hair and an article of clothing that makes them look really old
  • Musicians have to have a black t-shirt and skinny jeans
  • Real musicians have to have a ‘favorite band’ that nobody has ever heard of

I’m a young pastor, and I’m trying to figure out what it is that we’re “supposed to have.”

What do you think?

Fill in the blank: If I see a guy with ___________, I know he’s a pastor.