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The Pastor’s Kid

I’m not a pastor’s kid, but I’m raising two of them. And I’m scared to death.

My prayer for my kids is often, “Lord, help them to not, because of me and the church where I serve, hate your bride.” It’s easy when daddy spends his work day, and many evenings, serving a local body of believers, for kids to grow bitter. Instead of seeing life transformation and community-building, grace-infusing work being done, they see a “job” that takes daddy away from home. They see a group of people that expects more out of them than they can give. They have unfair expectations thrust on them that they didn’t choose, but were chosen for them.

That’s why I’m pumped about Barnabas Piper’s new book, The Pastor’s Kid (releases July 2014). Because I don’t want my two children to grow up despising the church.

Check out this trailer.



Jesus’ family is more dysfunctional than yours (sermon)

We tend to romanticize Christmas with songs like “Silent Night” and our “perfect” little Nativity scenes. But the reality is that Christmas is messy. Jesus came from the mess into the mess to offer us hope.

This is a sermon I preached recently at Grace Community Church.

Hopeless to Hopeful – “hope Series” from Gcomchurch Sermons on Vimeo.


A Christmas to Remember

I’ll bet you need a good laugh today.

Watch this video, then pick up Dave Barnes’ new Christmas album.

You can thank me later.



The difference between men and women

If you’re married, or ever been in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex, you know that men and women communicate differently.

And I bet you’ve had an argument discussion that went something like this.




Dangerous, scandalous, ‘unfair’ grace

True grace is dangerous, scandalous, and unfair.

And that’s a good thing.

Get you some.

(Below is a sermon I preached recently at my church, Long Hollow.)




If this video doesn’t make you want a steaming cup of coffee, I don’t know what will.

Ever had coffee brewed in a Chemex? It may just be the best way to drink coffee. Some might even say that’s how God intended it. 🙂




What will your last words be?

What will your last words be?

Will they be something eloquent? Or more like the last words of a redneck:

Hey y’all. Watch this!

Ever think about the legacy you’re going to leave? And whether your last words will be worth quoting…or worth forgetting?

It’s easy to focus on people’s last words. Looking throughout history, there have been a lot of people worth quoting on their deathbed, in their final hours.

It’s easy to get lulled into thinking that our last words are the most important of our lives. That what really matters is what we will say on our way to heaven.

I love the focus of this video, though, that our team at Longhollow put together.

A good life lived will be better heard than famous last words.

p.s. Jason Dyba is a creative genius.

Famous Last Words from Long Hollow Creative on Vimeo.



Shoot Christians Say

Today’s post is just for a good laugh.

Nothing better than laughing at your own subculture, right? Bless our hearts…

Shoot Christians Say


Stuff Christians Say from worshiphousemedia on GodTube.


Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

One of the greatest TV comedies of all time is Seinfeld.

Don’t even try to argue with me. You’ll lose.

So when I heard about Jerry Seinfeld putting his hat back in the ring of video comedy, I instantly decided that I’m in.

He’s got a new show coming out, and instead of it being on TV, it’ll be hosted on Here’s the promo.

It airs July 19th. You going to watch?

(HT: 22 Words)

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