The Starting Small Cover

Ben Reed —  August 30, 2013 — 11 Comments

My forthcoming book, Starting Small: the Ultimate Small Group Blueprint has been sent off to the publishers, and they’re doing their editing magic.

So I thought I’d get your feedback on the cover.


What do you think?


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Ben Reed

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Christ follower, husband, father, writer, pastor of small groups at Long Hollow Baptist Church. Communications director for the Small Group Network.
  • Aaron Armstrong

    Very nice. Looking forward to reading it!

    • Ben Reed

      Thanks Aaron!

  • Pierre

    But as you’re looking for feedback, the circle directly above “The” looks a bit odd.
    (I usually find more to criticise, this is a really good cover!)

    • Ben Reed

      Thanks Pierre…appreciate the feedback! And would absolutely love your feedback when the book comes out!

  • Joe

    Definitely interested in reading once published. Like the cover & agree with Pierre about the circle. Question for me about the blueprint – is this transferrable? I live in the Northeast and a lot of what I see about small groups comes from the south &/or Midwest and it’s just different here. Looking forward & congrats Ben!

  • Jon Stolpe

    I love it! I’d love to read and review the book, if you’re looking for any reviewers.

    • Ben Reed

      Thanks Jon. I’ll hit ya up soon! Can you drop me a line? benlreed [at] gmail [dot] com

      That way I’ll have your info. Thanks!

      • Jon Stolpe

        I just sent you an e-mail.

  • Kathy Fannon

    Your book is exactly what I came to your blog looking for! When will it be out? And I love the cover! :)

    • Ben Reed

      Thanks Kathy! It’ll be out November 18th!

      • Kathy Fannon

        Awesome! I can’t wait! Congratulations, Ben!