Creature of the Word…a giveaway

Ben Reed —  October 10, 2012 — 19 Comments

Matt Chandler (Explicit Gospel), Josh Patterson and Eric Geiger (Simple Church) just released a new book this month with B&H Publishing called Creature of the Word. Here’s the trailer.


The book looks at the scripture-based beauty of a church that makes everything they do about Jesus and outlines practical steps that church leaders can take to help form a gospel-centered ministry.

On Tuesday, Oct. 23rd, Chandler, Geiger and Patterson will host a three-hour interactive simulcast about the book. They will each teach on a different topic from Creature of the Word and then answer viewer questions at the end.

So how about a giveaway?!

I am going to give away three copies of the new book, each that come with an individual simulcast registration to watch the event on the 23rd.

If you do at least 1 of the 3 options below, you’ll be entered:

1. Comment and tell me something that your church is doing to make everything it does about Jesus.

2. RT this post. Make sure to tag me, @benreed.

3. Share this post on Facebook. Make sure to tag me, /benlreed, or /LifeAndTheology.

Deadline to comment, RT, or FB share is Friday, October 12.

And.. go!



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Ben Reed

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Christ follower, husband, father, writer, pastor of small groups at Long Hollow Baptist Church. Communications director for the Small Group Network.
  • Josh Gaudreau

    Our whole church leadership & staff is going through Platt’s “Radical Together,” and coming up with a plan (today actually) to put it into action – on both personal levels and as a body.

    • Ben Reed

      That’s awesome, Josh!

  • Dan Brubacher

    Our leadership team is going through James MacDonald’s new book “Vertical Church,” which talks about being a congregation that is focused on God and his glory. Exodus 33:15 says, “If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.” The only distinguing factor of the church of Jesus Christ is the manifest presence of God himself–that is what we need to go after.

    • Ben Reed


      Haven’t read “Vertical Church.” Is it a good read?

  • Chris

    Our pastor is leading our church to focus in on a simple but strategic process to provide a pathway for our people to Know Christ, Grow in Christ, Show Christ, and Go with Christ. In congregational, class, cell, and cord (one-on-one) contexts we are digging deeper into the meaning of being fully devoted Christ followers.

    We have also enjoyed church-wide promotions of reading through the Bible in 90 Days. Few things will motive you to be a creature of the Word like reading the Bible in large chunks. The result is you see a bigger God who is both long-suffering in His wrath and over-flowing in His mercy.

    • Ben Reed

      Wow, that’s god stuff, Chris!

  • ThatGuyKC

    We are in the middle of a 2 year sermon series titled “The Jesus Story”. When we make decisions we ask how it will demonstrate Jesus’s love, grace & compassion to others.

    • Ben Reed

      You’re a winner, KC! Email me your address and I’ll get the book in the mail to you:

      • ThatGuyKC

        Sweet!! Thank you, Ben.

  • Katie

    My church just moved into a new building, which has been an amazing blessing, and I’ve been encouraged to see that there isn’t a fountain or food court… it’s a very humble place that’s functional. I know that’s a bit more of what my church isn’t doing than what it is, but I think it’s easy for churches to get caught up in impressing seekers with fancy screens and stage lights, relying on those material things to attract people and keep them coming back. I think my church has done a wonderful job relying on Christ to save people rather than relying on worldly treasures.

  • Tony Myles

    This project looks great! To answer the question, we’ve determined to replant our church every 5 years and are in the midst of doing this for the second time. The bottom line is we want to build a rhythm that scraps what we’ve created so we can go back to the Bible and our community to freshly recommit ourselves to both – in this way we’ll always be a church that is no more than five years old. Otherwise we’ll begin to build on momentum instead of Christ. – – @tonymyles

    • Ben Reed

      You’re a winner, Tony! Email me your address and I’ll get the book in the mail to you:

  • Jason Vana

    A few things come to mind: we’ve issued a challenge to the church that we want to reach 6,000 people by the end of next year – and will be equipping our people to see that happen. We’re also launching a thrift store and benevolence center in our building. After salaries are paid, all the proceeds go back into the community as benevolence – paying heat bills, providing food and supplies, and more. We haven’t even opened and already God is doing amazing things to impact people with the gospel of Christ.

    • Ben Reed

      You’re a winner, Jason! Email me your address and I’ll get the book in the mail to you:

  • Jon Stolpe

    This month, we’re doing Servefest in our community. We will be serving around the community for a week.

  • David Bartosik

    Funny to brag about what a church is doing to rep Jesus in all we do for a book :) pretty psyched to be part of a team that truly wants to see Gods word transform lives. Were going through Luke and bringing the story of jesus outside of the christmas story!!! Crazy to see the story unfold and examine and study and grow from it when not having all the craziness of christmas clouding up the story. THanks ben- great stuff my man!

  • Chris Talbot

    I actually just came on staff at the church I’m ministering at. About two months ago they hired me on as their Minister of Students. I’ve been impressed with how much the church is in love with the Scriptures and seeking to emulate that in the way their taught. In corporate worship, discipleship groups, and even time with our teens, we’re trying our best to teach them the sufficiency of Scripture. We honestly believe that, “Scripture is enough, because Jesus is enough”.

  • ThatGuyKC

    So who’s the lucky winner? :)

    • Ben Reed

      You were one of the winners, KC! Email me your address and I’ll drop you the book.